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SOCREF-L Archives – December 2002, week 5

  1. !!Toottoot, 2002, toottoot!!

  2. fair charge

  3. Fair Charge and spam filtering

  4. Injured defender (was leaving the FOP)

  5. Injured defender (was: leaving the FOP)

  6. Leaving the field of play

  7. Please remove "the Day Before Christmas" <g>

  8. Q&A

  9. SOCREF-L Digest - 28 Dec 2002 to 29 Dec 2002 (#2002-362)

  10. SOCREF-L Digest - 29 Dec 2002 to 30 Dec 2002 (#2002-363)

  11. WWI Soccer Truce (long)

  12. WWI Soccer Truce (long) (vs today's "Jets and Sharks" dark alley tactics.
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