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SOCREF-L Archives – January 2003, week 1

  1. "Gentlemen"

  2. <No subject>

  3. Angels on the 2003 Pin Re: Referee Jersey Colors

  4. Artificial turf

  5. Artificial Turf?

  6. Blocked senders

  7. Blue Shirt

  8. Can one kick the ball too hard?

  9. Clinic announcement

  10. Do the universities or colleges overseas charge admission for soccer?

  11. Do the universities or colleges overseas charge admission forsoccer?

  12. EPL - Arsenal v Chelsea NO SCORE

  13. follow up to "Ref Error leads to Yellow Card and so on...."

  14. Fw: Question on Upgrade Assessment

  15. Fw: Re: Artificial Turf?

  16. Fw: Tamberino Joins U.S. Soccer Referee Department

  17. FW: [cnranewsletter] Differences between refereeing the men and women's game?

  18. Fwd: - American Refs on the Rise

  19. Happy New Year!

  20. I am curious Blue

  21. I am curious BlueRedGoldBlackBroke.

  22. Info on a unique referee gift - non commercial info

  23. Injured defender and going over the end line

  24. Issue in the Football Referee November - January issues

  25. Jersey colors and sleeves: Not again!

  26. Now what? (Was: Ref screw up...Liverpool/Newcastle)

  27. Number of field players for youth soccer

  28. People Management - Ref Makes Mistake

  29. Question on Upgrade Assessment

  30. Ref Colors around the World (Was: I am curious Blue)

  31. Ref screw up - The other way

  32. Ref screw up in 1-1-03 Liverpool vs. Newcastle

  33. Ref screw up in 1-1-03 Liverpool vs. Newcastle: The verdict, if not the evidence, is IN!.

  34. Referee Jersey Colors

  35. Send-offs and suspensions, and Now, what?

  36. sleeves, shirts and EPL

  37. Soccer "dolls"

  38. Tamberino Joins U.S. Soccer Referee Department

  39. The "Dif" between a formal assessment and a "field evaluation", (for an 8 to a 7 issue).

  40. Time Management

  41. Time Management - after goals scored

  42. time wasting

  43. USSF position papers

  44. Watches: A second Look

  45. What can be done?

  46. What can be done? (re: Gridiron pass interference call)

  47. What can be done? About refs, OSU, and JB?!

  48. What can be done?--It is more important than you know!

  49. WWI Soccer Truce

  50. WWI Soccer Truce (long) (vs today's "Jets and Sharks" dark alley tactics.
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