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SOCREF-L Archives – November 2009, week 1

  1. 2009/10 ATR Section 11.4 and 11.5-yes to 1978

  2. <No subject>

  3. A Brazilian coach's view of coaching/reffing soccer

  4. BYU and New Mexico womens soccer fight

  5. Celebration Rule in HS Football

  6. Comic

  7. foul called without knowing direction

  8. Fred Speirs

  9. Fred Speirs :-(

  10. GK Unable to Defend

  11. Good scorers aided by "bigger goals"

  12. Historical interps of 2 hands and throw in

  13. How bad is it?

  14. If you're going to play, then Play

  15. Just when you think you've heard everything ...

  16. newbie has Q - foul called without knowing direction

  17. no goal and AR

  18. no goal and AR-coincidence

  19. No Subject

  20. orgy of soccer on DirecTV

  21. Pulling the strings of the puppets, er, the players

  22. Selling it

  23. SOCREF-L Digest - 3 Nov 2009 to 4 Nov 2009 (#2009-299)

  24. The bench side

  25. The New Fitness Standards For 2010

  26. Women Playing CLEAN hard soccer (UNC v. BU last night)

  27. Women Playing Rough, Dirty Soccer (video clip)
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