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SOCREF-L Archives – December 2009, week 3

  1. "Kill the Referee" Movie -- must watch

  2. 2010 FIFA World Cup match ball Jabulani

  3. Associations of independent contractor referees (was: missing schools game fees)

  4. definition of SFP (Was: Re: The solution is worse than the problem)

  5. Expression of support

  6. Gerrard non-penalty LIV-ARS

  7. Hog the ball, kid - The Boston Globe

  8. Hypothetical scenario and Referee Action

  9. Hypothetical scenario and Referee Action: Another Twist

  10. Maybe soccer referees can do the same

  11. missing schools game fees

  12. On offside in EPL

  13. PK or Offside?

  14. Recert cancels or no shows...

  15. Replay of the replay - France vs Ireland

  16. The solution is worse than the problem

  17. Tracking down those payments for refereeing

  18. west ham v chelsea pk
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