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SOCREF-L Archives – June 2010, week 1

  1. another cool WC 2010 commercial -- this from the BBC

  2. evolution of world cup balls

  3. First WC match referee -- from Uzbekistan

  4. FW: World cup interactive calendar

  5. Help! I'm CR for a U11G game Saturday (!)

  6. No Soccer Content: Umpire admits he cost Tiger's pitcher a perfect game

  7. North Korean Squad

  8. organizational structure and life

  9. Photodermatitis_sun poisoning & Headgear?

  10. poisoning & Headgear? - one game

  11. Proper Naming

  12. Refereeing non-USSF matches

  13. Refereeing non-USSF matches (Was: RE: Walk them off)

  14. Rule Book Charlie

  15. Stats on a Full 90 Match (was World Cup referees outrun players)

  16. SWISS vs, ITALY

  17. Teaching Law 12 and 14 (Was: U11 girls tournnament)

  18. The Watch and the Whistle, a primer for youth soccer referees --

  19. The world's gone crazy. How much for a pair of soccer shoes?

  20. U11 girls tournament

  21. U11 girls tournnament

  22. US vs Australia referee -- no result revealed

  23. Variations on Throw-in

  24. WC 2010 TV commercial -- ITV

  25. WORLD CUP -Swis vs. Italy

  26. World cup interactive calendar

  27. World Cup referees outrun players

  28. World Cup TV schedule

  29. Yet another nice WC commercial.

  30. your health is PARAMOUNT, referee *image* [with hat] is trivial
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