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Date:         Thu, 12 Oct 2000 08:10:18 -0400
Reply-To:     Discussion of Topics for Soccer Referees <[log in to unmask]>
Sender:       Discussion of Topics for Soccer Referees <[log in to unmask]>
From:         Tom Stagliano <[log in to unmask]>
Subject:      Revelations from USA v Costa Rico (no scores revealed)
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Last night's WC qualifier between USA and Cost Rico in Columbus, Ohio revealed several things: - QUESTION: "When calling an IFK foul near goal, how does the CR signal?" Answer: This occurred last night in the first 15 minutes. The referee did what we Should All do. He raised his left arm to signal IFK at the Same time as whistling with the other hand. He faced the goal that the kick would attack, and then for further emphasis, he took the other hand and did a quick point towards that goal. All the time holding the left arm straight up to signal the IFK. Most of the time the players Know which direction the kick will be going. What they need to understand is whether it is DFK or IFK. This signal needs to be Immediate. - A crucial game like this can be controlled with few (one??) cautions. The players were there to play. - Most people were satisfied with the several non-PK "calls". However, let me re-state my firm belief. If the criteria for Mia Hamm being awarded a PK against Brazil in WWC-99 was used, there would have been four or five PKs last night..... - We saw how blatant unintentional "handling" is - - - Ball forcefully striking an arm that was not in an Usual position, but Not intentionally handling the ball. That was a Great non-call. - People on SOCREF-L have been "questioning" the "Trick Corner Kick" play, and wondering how to deal with it. I pointed out how the FIFA referees in the Olympics dealt with the USA in two different games (did Not allow it). I pointed out that the CR Must use the same criteria for "ball being put into play" throughout the Entire game. Last night in the first half, a US player got a free kick in the Costa Rico end, near the corner. The ball was set for the kick. The wall was 8 yards away. The US player rolled the ball back one yard with his foot. Then he picked it up and re-positioned it. If you allow the CK "trick", then he Should have been punished for handling with a DFK for Costa Rico (all Heck would have broken loose). In the second half, Cobi Jones is fouled "hard". The ball becomes stationary Right at the spot of the foul. Cobi and the opponent are jawing a bit. Cobi turns and pushes the ball forward about two feet with his foot. If you allow the CK "trick" then this Must be a ball in play. Had it been, all Heck would have broken loose. You Must consider the Implications for the Entire game, and not just That game, but Every game that you officiate and Every game that your sister and brother referees officiate. Terminate that CK trick, terminate it with Extreme Prejudice...... - Attackers can go in and harass the goal keeper Legally without the intent to injure, Razov and the Trinidadian referee showed us that Twice. Now if only the referee in the men's game at Guatemala and the Swiss referee in the women's game with Brazil knew the proper bounds, the games would have been Totally different..... - The Costa Rican president was At the game. The want-to-be USA presidents were on alternate TV channels. The WC gets No Respect in the USA...... Once again USA is "laughing stock of the world".... - The suspended USA coach was in the "Press Booth". He was shown on TV using a hand-held radio (to talk to the bench area). The same thing was done by a suspended college hockey coach at BU. The league official saw this and suspended the coach for Another game. Let's see what CONCACAF and FIFA do about this.... - Of course Bruce Arena told everyone (through Soccer America) that his main job was done in the weeks Prior to the game and in setting the starting line-up for last night's game. He wasn't important At the game. I hope all the Youth coaches got that message...... Peace - Stag

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